Insurtech on the Silicon Prairie (ISP) sold out in 2018. ISP is a one-day insurtech event bringing national experts, companies and regulators to Nebraska for a one-of-a-kind conference focused on the rapidly changing insurance landscape and technology. Speakers and panelists will cover a range of insurtech topics and perspectives including blockchain, insurtech trends, startups, used of insurtech to improve operations, insurtech regulation and investing. We expect as many as 400 attendees in 2019 including insurers, startups and regulators.

Exhibitors will be provided a single 8-10 foot table, (2) chairs and power access, otherwise exhibitors are expected to bring their own set-up and equipment. Exhibitors will be able to ship to the Holland Center beforehand, however all equipment should be removed at the conclusion of the day on October 22.

Exhibitors will be located in the 2nd floor lobby of the Holland Center with access to the attendees during breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks.

Costs to be an exhibitor is set at $600 and will include (2) complimentary registrations to the event and the reception the night before. Costs should be paid to the “Nebraska Insurance Federation”. Additional registrations can be made through the normal registration process here.

Costs for a speaker or sponsor to be an exhibitor will be $300, but with no complimentary registrations (speakers and sponsors already have access to complimentary registrations).

Exhibitors will receive website and social media recognition before the event. During the event, exhibitors will receive on-stage recognition prior to lunch.

Thank you to our 2019 exhibitors that will be showcased at this year’s insurtech on the silicon prairie conference: